Opening night at “Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Gallery”

With 2014 being the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, all sorts of celebrations are happening in various ways around America. One of the more interesting ones is this special traveling art show, courtesy of Gallery 1988.

We were at opening night of the “Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Gallery” at the Gallery 69 in Tribeca, NYC, and are bringing you a taste of what you can see at this awesome event. Original art from Joshua Budich, Anthony Petrie, Dan Mumford, Sean Clarity, Jason Edmiston, and tons of others are on display, as well as prints of selected illustrations available for purchase.

Aside from shooting this video, the experience on opening night itself was pretty intense, so consider this my review of the event itself. I arrived at around 6:40, 20 minutes before the front doors opened, and was met with a line that already wrapped around one street corner. 90 minutes later, I finally made it in the front door and was handed an index card with the mysterious number “63” on it. As I squeezed my way around the gallery space that was not expecting such a huge turnout, I poked my head around to where others were gathering to buy prints. It was here that I found out my number on the card corresponded to my turn to buy prints. At roughly 8:30 PM, 90 minutes after officially opening, they were only up to the number eight…

As luck would have it, someone decided to throw in the towel and gave me their card – number 26, and I got to cut the line considerably. After purchasing my print, I then went to another line to wait to pick up my print, which was another 30 minutes waiting. I got my prints moments after my original number was called at 9:20 PM. The gallery was still packed, and I wept for any poor fans who got there late. Treat these words as a warning – get there early and be prepared, since chances are the other galleries that will have this art will be facing an equally daunting task of hardcore Ghostheads and 80’s movie fans (and a few hipsters).

What can I say about the art that the video does not? My favorites were Anthony Petrie’s “Metroplasm”, which was a Subway map done in the shape of a proton pack, Julian Callos’ portrait of Gozer, Tom Whalen’s “Doe, Ray, Egon”, and Scott Campbell’s gorgeous watercolor that you see at the end of the video and as the featured image here, which I wish was available as a print (AKA that needs to be made as a print so I can have it on my wall!).

This is a must-see show for any serious GB fans, as well as nerds of any part of geek culture! Beautiful art ranging from traditional to digital to three-dimensional, and all of it based on one of the best comedies of all time.

The show is currently going on in NYC at 69 Leonard Street (bewteen Church & Broadway)until April 26, then travels to LA from May 17 – June 1st at Gallery 1988 (West) at 7308 Melrose Avenue. After it finishes up in Cali, Chicago fans can enjoy it for a few days at Rotofugi from June 20-22 at 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., and finally finishes at San Diego Comic-Con at Booth #1806. Limited edition prints will be available to buy at all locations, and if you get lucky, you might find a few pop up on their website.

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