Peter Cullen gives his thoughts on Transformer 4 & who should direct it

In an interview with Super Hero Hype, the original (and thankfully current) voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, said he was happy with the way the integrity of Optimus Prime has remained:

“I’m glad that he’s maintained his character, although in number three we see another side of Optimus Prime that is unique in its own: His ability to be vulnerable and to show weakness and character. They’re very strong human qualities. No matter how good a person can be, at some point or another in their life they’re gonna fall. We see that side of Optimus when he loses his temper. There’s vengeance and anger, but I think that’s a trait we all have in one way or another. I hope in four, and I hope we do four and five for that matter, that we explore the human nature side of a villain. Forgiveness, compassion, and understanding, which is very essential in maintaining the strength of any character.”

Cullen sounds like he is on board for the sequels, and rightfully so since it must be a royally massive payday for the actor. The biggest question was who should direct them, and Cullen is very content with keeping Bay on board:

That’s a really great question. Michael Bay certainly is known as a commander in chief to be able to control so many aspects of a huge production, it’s like being a general. There’s a creative element, there’s the action element. It would certainly require a director capable of putting those huge pieces together. It’s quite a challenge. I don’t want to suggest anyone in particular, I think to find a director would be just as important as finding an actor playing a certain role that you know will guarantee the character will be successfully portrayed because the entire movie requires that combination.

One thing we can all agree on, at least it’s not Uwe Boll.

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