Protect yo’ neck with this Skyrim Helmet made entirely from bacon

I can understand someone wanting to level to 35 without killing a single mob in Skyrim. I can understand trying to exploit your way to the level 81 cap in a matter of minutes. What I can’t seem to understand is the state of mind one man needs to have in order to recreate the infamous Nord helmet from Skyrim entirely out of Grade A bacon. You know what, though, it does look like a delicious way to protect your dome from the blow of a Daedric warhammer. The real question is if it’s enchantable.

Harley Morenstein, the brains behind such high comedy as Epic Meal Time, actually went out and decided that this whole pork helmet thing was something he had to do, and do it…he did. Here are the pics that prove it.

Via Kotaku

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