PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat out in May

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has scheduled the PlayStation Vita version of Mortal Kombat for a May 1 release in North America, followed by May 4 in Europe.

While most handheld games would skimp on the good stuff, Mortal Kombat is a very accurate port, with all the costume and character DLC, as well as new outfits, modes, and Vita-specific controls to make this the best MK for the kombatant on the go. Why play Poker when you can rip your opponent’s head off of their spine and bathe in the blood of your fallen foe?

Mortal Kombat, which has been given positive reviews thus far, comes with all the DLC from the next-gen console version, which features four characters, eight retro costumes, Kratos, and Sub-Zero’s MK3 costume, all unlocked from the start. Players are not required to complete story mode to unlock Cyber Sub-Zero or Quan Chi, as they are also playable from the beginning. There is also a “Challenge Tower” that includes 300 missions to collect koins to unlock further items (I think an going to stop using the letter “c” in all my articles and replace them with “K’s”).

The game is looking pretty great so far, and this writer is tempted to grab a PS Vita just so he can start playing this game. In other words – “Get over here!”

MMM… toasty!

Video via Destructoid

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