“Pub Trivia” Board Game Review

We met University Games at NY Toy Fair and covered some of their upcoming releases for 2013. Aside from preparing to release a “World War Z” board and card game soon, as well as reviving Colorforms (remember those? I do!), “University Games” is also pumping out plenty of new and original games like “Anti-Monopoly”, “Murder Mystery Mansion”, and “Smart-ass” (and it’s counterpart, “Dumbass” – no, really), the folks over there were kind enough to send me one of their newer titles, so today we are taking a look at “Pub Trivia”!

As the game says, this is good ole’ fashioned team trivia – but trivia is not limited merely to answering questions. Made for gamers age 12 and above, the concept is simple enough. Earn the most points through the various trials to win the game, lather, rinse, repeat. A “host” acts as your dungeon master in this, selecting the trivia cards and reading off the questions before giving the teams two minutes to write their answers down on the answer sheets. Whoever has the most points wins.

Games are fast-paced and move quickly, especially with the two-minute time limit, and can get pretty hectic if you are stumbling with your partner to decide on an answer. Each card has its own topic or category, including entertainment, science & technology, history, geography, sports & recreation, and the fan-favorite “Anything Goes”. The first five questions are “short answer”, where you and your teammate[s] write short answers to solve the questions. The sixth question is where you list four correct answers to things that have multiple correct answers, like what are the four heaviest land mammals or naming the four kids in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.

The seventh is the “Who Said” category, where a quote is read and players must figure out who said it. Question eight is where you have to figure out what decade something happened in, although you can earn bonus points for guessing the exact year. Question nine is a problem that is answered with a number, and the final question involves drawing a diagram or picture. All in all, a nice change to just asking questions, and allows players to use different problem-solving techniques to answer the trivia.

Technically, there is no board to march a character or game piece around, but there is a “Quiz Card Sleeve” that you can slide the cards into for easy maintenance. There are also 100 quiz cards, which hold a total of 1000 questions on them, 10 score sheets, 200 team answer sheets, and four pencils to write on the aforementioned answer sheets. The trivia is a good mix of difficulties, although there is no batch that is labelled as easy, medium, or hard. It’s more just who happens to know what, but that is the fun of team-baed trivia.

You can order “Pub Trivia” Board Game from Amazon.com for $20, a savings of $15 as the game normally retails for $35, or you can also purchase it in stores from Wal-Mart. For that price, it’s a fun game to play with friends (and even more fun if you are fueled by alcohol like in a proper pub) with plenty of question to keep you guessing and a variety of ways to answer them to keep everything as fair as possible. There will no doubt be expansion packs as well if you need more questions, but there are enough to keep you busy for a pretty decent amount of time. “Pub Trivia” is challenging and fair, offering different ways to hold a quiz game with plenty of versatility and options to keep everyone having fun!

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