Ralph Fiennes Almost Didn’t Play Voldemort in “Harry Potter” Movies

The entire cast of the Harry Potter films have become quite iconic, and it’s difficult to imagine anyone filling their shoes (or taking their wands). While there are plenty of stories of who was almost cast to be in the saga, one actor who took a major role nearly didn’t.

Ralph Fiennes, known to many Potter Heads as “Lord Voldemort”, initially nixed his involvement in the movie. This was based on lack of knowledge about the series, but luckily he came to his senses.

Fiennes spoke with Jonathan Ross this past Saturday on his show, and Digital Spy transcribed the interview, where he explained how he nearly passed on the part.

“The truth is I was actually ignorant about the films and the books. I was approached by the production. Mike Newell was directing the film that they wanted me to be in… the first time Voldemort was going to appear physically.”

He continued: “Out of ignorance I just sort of thought, this isn’t for me… Quite stupidly I resisted, I was hesitant. I think the clincher was that my sister Martha – who has three children who were then probably about 12, 10 and 8 – she said, ‘What do you mean? You’ve got to do it!’ So then I rewound my thinking.”

Can you imagine a Harry Potter movie with someone else as Voldemort? I can, but I’m only able to see Rob Schneider doing it. I don’t recommend you try to imagine it.

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