Review of Retron 3 NES/SNES/Genesis Triple Game System

I am a classic video game fanatic, but classic video games are not a fan of me. A retro video game is like a fine wine, aging with grace and dignity, and typically getting better with time. Their consoles, however, are more like that relative you locked up in a senior center and only visit on the day before major holidays (since why waste a holiday on a person who can’t even remember what year it is).

The frustration of attempting to play an old Nintendo game on its system knows no bounds. You can blow as much as you want in the cartridge, but if the system is just too old to work, you are wasting your breath. With older video game technology copyrights going up for grabs in the past few years, many “clone consoles” have popped up that offer you the ability to play older games on them, often two systems in one like the RetroDuo.

Then along came the retron 3, which offers not one, not two, but THREE different consoles in one! With this contraption, gamers can relive their favorite NES, SNES and Sega Genesis games in cartridge form. Many of its predecessors were mediocre, so how well does this system rank? Hit the jump and find out in the full review!

The owner of the video game store I frequent is a very honest man. Every time I went in there asking about these clone consoles, he would talk me out of buying them and telling me about their shortcomings. When I mentioned the Retron 3, he lit up and could not stop praising it, other than one fault I will get to in a bit. I am happy to announce that his review was very accurate, and this system is one amazing piece of nostalgia-playing awesomeness.

The Retron 3 comes in black or red, and I have heard many people complaining about the red version, the one I have. Other than it being very bright, you will quickly get over it when you start using it. This top-loading system features slots for NES, Sega Genesis, and SNES game in that order. A knob in the middle activates each system with a turn, sandwiched between a “Power” and “Reset” button on opposite ends. On the sides are ports for the controllers, while the back has all the appropriate wires.

The system comes with a huge power adapter, but not nearly as big as any console you can think of (especially not the original video game systems it is based on). Being a space-saver is one of the perks of this system, and measuring only 6 1/2 inches wide, 8 1/2 inches long, and two inches tall without a game, this thing is just slightly bigger than the original Sega Genesis system. Difference being that it’s the size of that, and can play the SNES and NES games all in one, eliminating the need to put out your old systems while this guy is in action. The system does not come with AV wires, so you will need to supply your own from another retro console or even an old TV to overcome that.

One of the best features of the Retron 3 is that you can use the original controllers for each system, assuming your old ones still work. If not, you can buy new ones either made by each company, or third party controllers. The system comes with two wireless controllers of its own, but they are one of the weak points of this product. The wireless controllers feel like a baby’s toy, and still require you to be pretty close to the system to function properly. Each controller is powered by AAA batteries, which are not included, and require you to unscrew the back to install them. To make it more complicated, they have a bizarre control scheme that will confuse and frustrate users. In other words, don’t use these – toss them away and invest in some original controllers.

So how does the quality of the image on your TV compare to the original systems? Nearly 100% identical. The NES and SNES look great on an HDTV with no loss in the picture and nothing too noticeable with the sound on either one. The Sega Genesis looks a bit fuzzier compared to those two, but still very playable.

There are a small amount of games the system will not play, and you can google a full list of those if you are worried about it. I was uncertain about that aspect when I first bought it, but I got over it fast when I dove into the enormous pile of games that it can play, and it plays them great. It’s almost as if you were using the original systems, except without the issue of age and having to constantly switch between different consoles when you are gaming.

You can grab The Retron 3 NES/SNES/Genesis Triple System from for under $60, and 100% worth the investment. The Retron 3 is an absolute must buy, and I would go so far as to call it the best nerd product I have bought all year. Yes, it’s that good. For the price of one new game, you are getting the chance to play all of your old favorites the way they were meant to be enjoyed. This is truly a dream come true for retro gamers, moreso since it is the best working retro gaming clone console on the market to date! Pick yourself up one today, you will not be disappointed!

You can also buy the system in metallic grey at this link here.

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