She-Ra Returns To NetFlix With New Season 2 Trailer

After an exciting first season, “She-Ra and The Princesses of Power” are headed back to Netflix for another season of awesomeoness.

All your favorites are back, and it seems the battle for Etheria rages on. This time, She-Ra has the princesses on her side (minus one who turned heel last season), while Catra grows in her role as a leader within the Horde under Hordak’s watchful gaze.

The trailer doesn’t give us much info to go on, other than action will be abound, and there will be much more if it than there was last time. Now, Adora knows more about her abilities, and Catra has grown more confident as a captain.

The one big thing to notice is from the screenshot above. Catra is indeed wearing Horde armor, and yes, she has She-Ra’s sword which seems to be infected with something that is draining the life from it. That seems like a pretty major thing, so I believe we are in for a heck of ride when the show returns.

Check out the season two trailer below:

Adora is finally beginning to accept her destiny as the legendary warrior princess, She-Ra, and leader of the Princess Rebellion. Still, there is much to learn as the threat of the Horde grows and Catra sinks deeper into the world of evil.

Season 2 of “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” begins streaming on Netflix, April 26th.

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