Square Enix debuts Robocop figures in old and new styles


Dead of alive, you’re coming with me… even though your price is more than I want to spend…

Square Enix was at NYCC 2013 with plenty of items that I am looking forward to, but my favorite had to be their trio of Robocop figures. Based on the original 1987 version with Peter Weller and the upcoming 2014 version with Joel Kinnaman, the company is releasing nine-inch figures to make every Robo fan happy. Each figure will come with multiple hands and his infamous gun and will most likely debut around early February to tie in with the release of the new movie.

While they all look amazing, even the new movie version (surprisingly), it is worth noting that the figures were accompanied with a small placard warning potential buyers that these figures were pending licensor approval. In other words, the plug could still be pulled on the figures, or their likenesses may change from what you saw at NYCC 2013, but most likely everything should be fine, just like the Hot Toys Robocop figure was.

Expect the price point to be around $80-90 for these immense figures. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the potential release date.




Images courtesy of Comics Alliance (since mine came out really bad)

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