“Star Trek: Discovery” trailer makes explosive debut at SDCC 2017

It’s time to boldly go where no man has gone before, as Star Trek returns to TV (sort of) with a brand new series. We have seen a few teasers but during SDCC 2017, we got our first full-length trailer of “Star Trek: Discovery”.

I am looking forward to new Trek stories, but I must say that this trailer is pretty jarring and seems to spotlight the best moments of the show with no context. It’s a disturbing trend with sci-fi and superhero movies for the past few years, and this is a very good example of that. This is a hodge-podge of big reveals and exciting moments that look cool, but also give away things I would rather not have known. In fact, I would have preferred more info on why I should care about any of this crew, instead of all the cool things that will happen with no reason as to why they are cool-looking. But, that is just my opinion.

On the plus side, raisin-face Egyptian Klingons.

“Star Trek: Discovery” premieres September 24th on CBS All Access.

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