“Star Trek FAQ” Book Review

Space. The final frontier. This is the review of the “Star Trek FAQ” book. It’s 400 page-long mission, to explore strange merchandise and pop-culture, to seek out new stories and new statistics, to boldly go where no FAQ book has gone before. Does this book from Applause succeed, or was there an error with the transporter machine that caused it to horribly deform and die before our eyes? Okay, nothing can be that bad, but let’s take a look at this FAQ.

Written by Mark Clark, who has also written about film history in other books and journals, this sourcebook is everything you ever wanted to know about the original Trek series from the 60’s. While there is a thumbnail guide to all of the episodes of the show, this is not a book simply looking at each episode of the series, but is the story of the origins of Trek, what happened once it hit the airwaves, and how it has affected sci-fi since then.

You can order Star Trek FAQ: Everything left to Know About the First Voyages of the Starship Enterprise (FAQ (Applause)) from Amazon.com for under $14,

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