“Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate Bar” Review

When I first reported about this Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate Bar, I was head over heels for the concept. Star Wars + Chocolate= Amazing. The centerpiece of the Star Wars universe could now be the main event in my dessert of sugary cocoa cravings! Man, this smuggler really does get around.

The fine folks over at ThinkGeek were cool enough to send me a bar for me to try out and review, so that I could pass on the info to all of my hungry readers. The idea is great, but how is the execution on this treat? Is this nothing more than a quick sugar rush, or is this packed with levels of deliciousness, the magnitude of which you can not repel? Take a look at the review and find out for yourself!

The packaging continues the theme of the carbonite case from “The Empire Strikes Back,” complete with those orange tubular lights on the side. It’s a pretty minimalist packaging, with “Star Wars” on the front, and the title of what this item is on the sides. The back is a simple three sentences, along with the nutrition facts. Sweet and simple is the name of the game, with the focus being on the chocolate itself.

The candy bar is secure inside a separate clear plastic packaging, which has Han’s visage molded on the front of it. If you don’t feel like eating the entire bar after you open it, you can just close up the plastic part and slip it right back into the original cardboard packaging.

A very cool feature about this chocolate bar that I did not know until I took it out of package was that it has a red ribbon in the back of it. This means that you can use it as an ornament on your christmas tree or wherever else you want to put it, which would make for a very cool and clever way of presenting it to the person you are giving it to. Even in the large box, it is still light enough to not compromise pine tree branches, but still make sure you find a sturdy branch to put it on with no priceless family ornaments around it just in case it does slip off.

Once you release Han from his plastic prison, you can start to devour him in chocolaty carbonite prison. Thankfully, chocolate smells much better than whatever carbonite smells like (I imagine it reeks of ugnaught sweat). The aroma wafts out of the plastic with that wonderful cocoa scent with some undertones of coffee. The bar is nearly six inches tall, two inches wide, and a half-inch tall, except for the parts where Han pops out more, which makes those parts nearly an inch tall.

Up close, the detail work on Han is pretty close to the actual model from the film, but not quite as extensive since this is such a smaller canvas to work on. The longer sides have those random digital bits from the real carbonite encasement, although the top and bottom does not have any extra detailing.

Here is the most important question – how does Han Solo taste? I was going to ask Princess Leia, but she was unavailable for questioning (oh snap). The chocolate is on part with your average commercial dark chocolate. I compared the nutritional info to that of a Cadbury milk chocolate bar, and in terms of the numbers for calories, fat, and sugar, they are basically even. The ingredients have dark chocolate as the number one ingredient, with cocoa butter as the main chocolate flavoring rather than powder, which adds a higher fat content to it. I would rank it stronger in chocolate and flavor than a Hershey’s Special Dark bar, but don’t go into this expecting a Lindor or Godiva.

The “Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate Bar” is sold on ThinkGeek for $11.99, which looks like a hefty price for one bar of chocolate. Compared to any other premium dark chocolate bar, this is on par with that, especially with the serving size. Ultimately, you are paying for the novelty that is a chocolate version of Han Solo trapped in carbonite. Is that worth the price? I would say yes. There is enough chocolate in this thing for three to four people, and I would even recommend it as a good melting chocolate to add into your hot cocoa or to bake with. This is a fun candy bar that is a great stocking stuffer, ornament, or a good gift for the Star Wars lover in your life this holiday season!

Check out the photo gallery below for more shots of the Han Solo carbonite chocolate bar!

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