Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 2 Releases Tomorrow – Here Are All The Songs!

Let me drive my van into your heart! Cartoon Network just announced the details for the second volume of their Steven Universe soundtrack, as well as an unexpected surprise.

The story was broken by Den of Geek, who got the exclusive scoop on the track list and cover of the album. Not only is CN releasing this soundtrack, but they are also releasing a karaoke album called “Steven Universe: Karaoke” which has instrumental versions of 11 songs.

Check out the song list for Volume 2 below:

1: The Working Dead

2: Sadie Killer and the Suspects

3: G-G-G-Ghost

4: The Distant Shore

5: Ruby Rider

6: Let’s Only Think About Love

7: Familiar

8: Escapism

9: Let Me Ska My Van Into Your Heart

10: We Are The Crystal Gems (Change Your Mind Version)

11: Change Your Mind

12: Love Like You (Reprise)

Ultimately, the soundtrack is less than half of what volume one had on it. However, it does perfectly conclude the end of this massive arc for Steven, as this covers all the songs since the first soundtrack was released.

Here is the track listing for the karaoke album:

1: We Are The Crystal Gems: Main Title (Instrumental Version)

2: Do It For Her (Instrumental Version)

3: Stronger Than You (Instrumental Version)

4: We Are The Crystal Gems: Full Theme (Instrumental Version)

5: It’s Over Isn’t It (Instrumental Version)

6: Here Comes A Thought (Instrumental Version)

7: Love Like You: End Credits (Instrumental Version)

8: That Distant Shore (Instrumental Version)

9: Familiar (Instrumental Version)

10: Escapism (Instrumental Version)

11: We Are The Crystal Gems: Change Your Mind Version (Instrumental Version)

This also coincides with the release of the complete “Steven Universe Season 2” DVD set, which comes out on April 16 (took them long enough)!

Steven UniverseVolume 2 Soundtrack will be available Friday, April 12 for digital download and streaming. 

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