Takara releasing Megatron that transforms into a Sega Genesis

Transformers never really had a good video game tie-in in the US, and barely had a good one in Japan, probably until the last few years. They also never had a tie-in with a video game, until now.

Seibertron has reported that at Wonderfest 2014 in Japan, Takara has revealed a brand new Megatron figure that transforms into a Sega Genesis.



In reality, it is the Sega Mega Drive console (different name, but same system), and is an official product from Takara Tomy licensed by Sega. Unfortunately, Megatron (maybe we should call him Segatron) will not be able to be plugged in and played Alex Kidd, but the resemblance is uncanny between the console and a video game system has never looked so menacing (except for the demonic Virtual Boy).


No release date or price is known yet, but I will be picking this up immediately. I got addicted to the Transformers Masterpiece series thanks to Soundwave, and it is truly a gateway drug into buying more Autobots and Decepticons. Here is hoping that we get a Super Nintendo version of Optimus Prime!

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