The Entire Star Wars Universe Gets Measured In This Hypnotic Video

The Star Wars universe is vast, and continues to grow – possibly faster than ever thanks to Disney. But, have you ever wondered about the scale of this universe? MetaBallUniverse has, and has been putting together videos for quite some time about Star Wars and other things via 3D renderings.

Their latest video asks the question – just how big is everyone and everything in Star Wars? Did you know that BB-8 is actually taller than Yoda, and how small that Rebel Blockade Runner from the opening of New Hope looks when its standing next to the Droid Control Ships from the prequels? And the Death Star (both of them) look absolutely puny next to Starkiller Base.

Check out this mesmerizing video that puts it all in perspective – literally:

A few years ago, the same studio also put together this epic video, comparing the sizes of Starships across the sci-fi spectrum. It’s rare to see the Enterprise-D next to a Star Destroyer in proper scale, so consider this your chance to see how they all stack up next to each other:

Of course, the next step is someone comparing all of their battle capabilities in a free-for-all battle royale, but that’s a video for another day!

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