Three FREE 3-D Printed Figures You Can Make Right Now!

If you're into 3-D printing and action figures, this is the post for you!

3-D printing is one of the most useful pieces of technology available around. Most significantly, 3-D printers are able to streamline the manufacturing process for various industries. And while the practical uses for this are limitless, 3D printing has also changed the realm of pop culture — particularly, making the process of creating toys and collectible figures easier and more accessible. In fact, we previously discussed how a 3D printer was able to create incredibly detailed Star Trek: Voyager Bridge & Bio-Bed toys.

You may be wondering how 3D printers are able to make intricate figures so quickly and efficiently. It is done through using advanced Protel PCB software, which enables individuals to build and assemble accurate 3D objects instantaneously. Like we said, the possibilities are endless — from printing furniture and medical supplies, to prosthetics and instruments.

To start you off, we’ll enumerate some cool 3D printed figures you can make. The best part is the designs are free to use, so you’ll only need access to a 3D printer. It’s quite an investment at first, but if you’re truly interested in building your own toys, then a 3D printer is worth looking into.

ThunderCats – Cat’s Lair

The ThunderCats fan base is one of the most dedicated out there — so much so that a fan of the classic cartoon even managed to recreate the show’s intro in full CG. Now, not everyone has the time (nor the skill) to do this, but there is a way to recreate a piece of the show on your own using a 3D printer.

With this design, you can create your own model of the ThunderCats’ iconic Cat’s Lair. What’s great about this is that it’s built in a way that scales to both modern ThunderCats action figures, as well as the vintage toyline. This makes it a substantial addition to your ThunderCats collection.

The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead is nearing its end, with the show slated to conclude sometime in 2022. Nonetheless, the show has amassed a pretty impressive following throughout its decade-long run. If you’re a fan of the show and want to commemorate its final season with something special, then this 3D printed figure of Rick Grimes may just be what you’re looking for.

This design is based on the Season 4 iteration of Rick Grimes, as indicated by his iconic bomber jacket. If you’ve been following the show then you’ll be able to appreciate the attention to detail that the designer has put into the making of this figure. Due to the show going on for so long, the characters have visibly aged on screen and that is reflected in this design — where Rick looks very different from his Season 9 appearance.

Rango – Rango

Rango is one of the best animated movies of the 2010s, and it even took home the award for the ‘Best Animated Feature’ at the 84th Academy Awards. This was well deserved, given that Rango is one of the most unique-looking animated movies due to its eclectic visuals and themes.

If you’re a fan of the movie, then you’ll be glad to know that you can print out your own Rango figure. The design on this is incredibly intricate, as the designer put in a lot of work to truly get the character just right – to the point that Rango’s scales and the rings in his eyes match the ones seen in the film.

If you’ve got a 3-D printer, try these out and let us know what your results look like!

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