Titan Merchandise “American Gods” Mini-Figures Ratios & Line-up Revealed

“American Gods” has been a huge success for Starz, and has spawned some cool collectibles. One of those that’s been anticipated by us, and many others, is Titan Merchandise‘s Titan Vinyl figures based on the show. Ahead of NY Toy Fair 2019, we got a peek at the full line-up, as well as the ratios for the common, rare and super rare figures.

The following images were posted on Instagram by a fan of Titan Merchandise:

Each mini-figure measures approximately 3-inches, includes character specific accessories, and comes blind-boxed. There are even hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect!

The American Gods Titans Collection – 1 Random Mini-Figure includes 1, randomly selected, mini-figure which could be any of the following:

Mr. Wednesday
Laura Moon
Mad Sweeney
Technical Boy
Mr. Nancy
Mr. World

We are sure to get a better look at these during NY Toy Fair 2019, but in the meantime check out our coverage of them from last year to see the first time we saw these figures!

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