Title Revealed For “Star Wars Episode IX” At “Star Wars Celebration”?

“Star Wars Celebration 2019” is already underway in Chicago this weekend, and big things are expected to be revealed. Specifically, attendees are hoping to be first in the world to learn the newest info about the upcoming installment in the series, Episode IX. Looks like some info just got leaked!

Initially spotted by That Hashtag Show, Twitter user Bruno Scelza Lorenzo snapped this pic of an alleged poster which has the title of the next Star Wars film on it – “Will of The Force”. This is essentially a leak one day ahead of when this news is expected to happen.

Here is post below:

And here is a screenshot of it in case it gets pulled at any point:

The primary question now is the legitimacy of this poster, so we will update this post once we have confirmation it is the real thing or a fraud.

Regardless, the movie is due out on December 20, 2019, so the countdown has already begun for some for the final installment in the Skywalker Ennealogy (yes, that is the word for it – I looked it up).

UPDATE: We just watched the Star Wars Episode IX panel, which revealed the true title of the film, “Rise Of The Skywalker.” Looks like this was a fraud all along,

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