Todd McFarlane Gives Details About New DC Comics Action Figures – Toy Fair 2019

McFarlane Toys has had a busy week ahead of Toy Fair 2019. With the announcement that they picked up the Harry Potter license, and today’s first reveal of their Game of Thrones figures, things have been crazy for fans. However, the biggest piece of news was that the company grabbed the DC Comics license. For the first time since this story broke, we have some important updates on what that line will look like.

The Toddfather spoke with SyFy for this exclusive interview, where he gave us our first bits of information about this new toy line.

“We’ll go about it the same way anyone would, really,” Todd explained. “If I handed you the license, who would you choose? Hopefully, there would be an 80 percent overlap in the characters I would choose and you would choose, then we’d pick those five to 10 characters to do for sure”.

“We’ll mix in some new characters that have grown in stature, say, for instance, Aquaman with his hit movie, and take a look with what’s happening in pop culture and the publishing end of things as well.”

He continued, “I think down the line is where the fun beings. Maybe sometime later we do a McFarlane Batman. I don’t know if it’s been attempted but I’m the only one who knows that those capes are supposed to be doing.”

McFarlane also told SyFy that DC and Warner Bros have given him the green light to flex his own creative muscles on the characters, just nothing too dramatic:

“We’re not talking major redesigns, just a bit of a tweak here and there,” he says. “So far, they’ve been flexible, saying it seems fun and that we’ll talk about it.”

We also learned from this article that the scale will be 6″ to 12″, and they could be based on any aspect of the DC multiverse, including video games. With the recent reveal that they also picked up the Mortal Kombat license, could we perhaps get some crossover toys?

There have been a lot of reveals leading up to NY Toy Fair. Some of the highlights so far have included Hasbro teasing us with a first glimpse of their new Overwatch figuresDiamond Select purchasing Gentle GiantHasbro’s “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures” figures,  Mezco’s new One:12 Captain Marvel figureMego announced new 14″ Star Trek figures, and a new line based on characters from Stan Lee’s vault, and Neca debuted a great looking Shredder and Karate Kid set.

Stay tuned this weekend as our exclusive NY Toy Fair 2019 coverage begins on Saturday! 

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