Two Potential Villains For “The Batman” Revealed?

Earlier today, we reported the big news/ strong rumor that Robert Pattinson was slated to play Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie, “The Batman”. Hours later, another report/ rumor has popped up, this time giving us the dirt on which members of Batman’s gallery of rogues may join the film.

The info came via The Hollywood Reporter, who wrote:

Matt Reeves is still tweaking his script, which is rumored to have at least two villains, the Penguin being one of them, according to sources (one person is telling us there will be around half-a-dozen villains!). We’re hearing of another purrfect character making an appearance in the script as well.

This would be the second time in cinema history that Catwoman and The Penguin were featured on-screen, the first being in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”. If the rumors are true and more baddies will be included, they could just be passing roles that don’t have much to do with the main story. Then again, with no real info known yet about most of the movie, anything is possible.

The Batman” will begin filming at the end of this year, with a 2021 release date.

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