Viz announces new Manga licenses at NYCC 2013

Manga publisher Viz was in full force at New York Comic Con 2013, revealing five new titles for the company set to debut in the coming months.

These titles include “Terra Formars” by Kenichi Tachibana, “My Love Story!!” by Kazune Kawahara and Aruko (what is up with the Japanese and their use of multiple exclamation marks… at least it’s not My Full Metal Love Story), “Black Rose Alice” by Setona Mizushiro, “Battle Royale: Angels’ Border” by Koushin Takami, Mioko Ohnishi, and Youhei Ogumi, and “Time Killers” by Kazue Kato (a short story collection).

The one that has been getting the most attention so far is the announcement of Terra Formars, which was a Manga Taisho nominee and has been receiving much acclaim overseas. It has a plot similar to Starship Troopers from what I have dug up about it, so if any anime fans want to give us more details about it and the other titles here, please do so.

Not much more word is available on when these titles will be released, but we’ll keep you updated as we find out.

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