Warner Bros next great animated movie – Tom & Jerry & Willy Wonka?

In today’s “Here’s a thing” news story, Warner Bros has announced its 13th direct-to-video feature starring the classic cat-and-mouse duo of Tom & Jerry.

In this feature-length animated movie, the titular pair become part of another WB-owned property, the 1971 classic film “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”. Why? Because it apparently worked so well for WWE & Scooby Doo.

True story, it did. Check both of those crossovers out.

Based on a quick glance of the trailer, it seems like a word-for-word animated version of the original film, complete with characters resembling their human counterparts, except now with 400% more Tom & Jerry. One would think that with modern technology in animation, we could see some very special scenes or some originality, but one would be wrong if they thought this. It’s a mockery of a classic and an unnecessary retelling that few children will even find much joy in. With that said, now I need to see it to warn others of how horrible it will be.

As one viewer on Youtube wrote, I would love to see more mash-ups like this. For example, Tom & Jerry & The Shining. Tom & Jerry VS Predators. Or how about Tom & Jerry: Deliverance? WB, make it happen.

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