WATCH – Cree Summer talks “A Different World”, “Drawn Together” and more at BoroughCon 2017

Voice over actress extraordinaire Cree Summer was at BoroughCon 2017, and held a panel where she discussed working on shows like “A Different World”, Inspector Gadget, Tiny Toon Adventures, Drawn Together, Codename: Kids Next Door, Batman Beyond, and many other shows in her lengthy resume.

In case you don’t want to watch the full panel, here are a few highlights from it:

Fans at BoroughCon 2017 wanted to know who Cree Summer’s favorite character was to voice? Think you can guess the answer?

During her BoroughCon 2017 Q & A panel, a fan asked Cree Summer about some of her best memories from working on “A Different World”, and here is what she had to say about that.

Cree was also a part of the “Toons You Grew Up With” panel and “Women in Voice Acting” panel.

Cree Summer and Jess Harnell were both main characters on Comedy Central’s raunchy and hilarious “Drawn Together” cartoon show. During the “Toons You Grew Up With” panel at BoroughCon 2017, a fan asked about working on that show, and Cree gave her thoughts and Jess told a funny story about it that has a huge twist ending.

And finally, here is Cree Summer’s best tip for preserving your voice for voice actors… at least for herself. Hey, if it works for her, it might work for you!

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