WATCH – “Everything Voice Acting” panel from BoroughCon 2017

If you came to this video hoping to learn how to be a voice-over actor or actress, you are in the wrong spot. If you came to this video to see Sean Astin, Jess Harnell, Sarah Natochenny, Steven Blum, Dante Basco, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Johnny Brennan share insane stories from their careers and screw around for over 40 minutes, you came to the right place!

This was easily the best panel from BoroughCon 2017, and is worth every minute. Pull up a chair, don’t drink anything unless you want to do a spit take all over your screen, and get ready to laugh!

Here are a few clips from this panel in case you don’t believe how good it really was:

A fan asked prolific voice actor Steven Blum about the differences between voicing Spike Speigel from “Cowboy Bebop” and Mugen from “Samurai Champloo”, which gave us some interesting info behind the shows. Then things got weird with Dante Basco and Steven’s girlfriend and fellow voice actor, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Real weird.

How did The Nostalgia Critic get Dante Basco to reprise his iconic role of Zuko for a countdown video? Learn the story in this video!

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