WATCH – Jess Harnell has no filter and tells crazy stories at BoroughCon 2017

Jess Harnell is so prolific in voice acting, you probably heard his voice in a dozen cartoons or video games and did not even realize it was him. In this panel from BoroughCon 2017, Jess takes questions from the fans and tells tons of hilarious stories (as well as one very inspiring one) from throughout his career.

Jess also gave us this great one-on-one interview on the con floor, where he talked about being Scary Terry on Rick & Morty, burping as the Great Wakkorotti on Animaniacs, and where his British accent originated from.

If you are not able to watch the full panel, why not check out a few highlights of Jess from throughout the show:

Cree Summer and Jess Harnell were both main characters on Comedy Central’s raunchy and hilarious “Drawn Together” cartoon show. During the “Toons You Grew Up With” panel at BoroughCon 2017, a fan asked about working on that show, and Cree gave her thoughts and Jess told a funny story about it that has a huge twist ending.

And finally, the man behind Wakko Warner and Captain Hero tells a great story about how meeting someone at a convention and being nice to them can absolutely change their lives.

Jess also took part in the “Everything Voice Acting” and “Toons You Grew Up With” panels, which are both worth giving a look.

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