Watch The Entire High School Theatre Production of “Alien”

North Bergen High School is now the equivalent of “My Hero Academia” for nerds living in New Jersey – and I mean that in the best way possible. Students from this fine educational facility put on a great performance of “Alien”… yes, the movie that they transitioned from screen to stage with some crazy reverse engineering.

The play has now made it online via a bootleg filmed during the encore performance by someone in the audience who was kind enough to record it. We tip our hats to this heroic filmmaker, and while we would normally never condone recording theatrical shows, we are very grateful that we all now have the chance to see this spectacular show.

Watch this fine piece of drama below:

According to the original poster, the school recorded a professional quality version and will hopefully sell that once it is ready. I look forward to supporting this release, and hope it includes special features!

Best of all, Sigourney Weaver gave it the official thumbs up, and was there in person to enjoy the show:

And by the way, Ridley Scott was just as awesome, donating $5000 to help make the production happen.

My chest is filled with emotions after seeing this and hearing all the support this play got… or maybe it’s filled with a chestburster. Either way, I got the feels!

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