White PS4 a part of awesome Destiny bundle

I have heard a lot of great things about Destiny, even though it is not necessarily my kind of video game per se. However, over on Rakuten, you can buy a package deal that might even convince me to pick it up.

This bundle includes a copy of the game, along with a special white version of the next-gen console and a controller, and 30 days of PlayStation Plus. Lest we forget, this deal includes free shipping! The grand cost of this item is so expensive, one would have to win it at a casino like Spinpalace.com… okay, not really, it’s actually a pretty great deal.

Months before Black Friday comes along to make tons of deals, at $450 for all of these items, it’s a very solid deal for someone who wants to get the system along with this popular game before the holidays come along. The white PS4 looks great, as does the controller, and makes my mouth salivate just thinking about it. All things considered, this is an exceptional deal that is worth your consideration if you are in a rush to get some shopping done before everyone else starts panicking to do the same.

Speaking of, rumors are swirling about a massive price drop for PS3 and Xbox 360’s once the holiday season hits, with the consoles hitting as low as $150 each! So, if you missed out on either of those for the past eight years, here is your chance to catch up cheap!

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