Wil Wheaton Will Never Play Wesley Crusher Again

It looks like Trek fans have seen the last of Wesley Crusher, as Wil Wheaton is not keen on revising the part for any future shows.

According to a report from Trek Movie, Wheaton took part in a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” panel at Awesome Con this weekend alongside Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden, and Marina Sirtis. A fan in the audience asked about reprising the role of Wesley Crusher for the upcoming Picard Trek series, and Wil was not too interested.

I’m so grateful for why you’re asking this question and that Wesley was so important to you…But I think the time for exploring that character has come and gone.

That said, Wheaton did say that if something else were to come along in the Trek Universe, he would be more than happy to sign on.

I still love Star Trek so much that if they were to reach out to me for anything else I’d absolutely be interested in exploring that.

Many fans were hoping to see Wesley pop up, especially to make sense of what happened to his character after the series and movies ended. Sadly, it seems Wheaton has moved on, and a reunion between Wesley and his surrogate Trek papa, Picard, will not happen any time soon.

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