“X-Men: Danger Room Protocols” fan-series shut down by Disney/ Marvel Comics

A few weeks ago, we reported on a fan-made animated series by Joel Furtado called “X-Men: Danger Room Protocols”. This self-funded Youtube show, a pixel-perfect homage to the 1990’s animated series, would have been free to the public. Unfortunately, those plans have been stopped dead in their tracks due to Disney/ Marvel.

In a video posted on his Youtube page, Joel explained the unfortunate circumstances behind the cancellation, as well as his opinion on why their decision makes little sense.

Joel discusses how he invested much of his time and personal funds to create this show, but due to a lawsuit from Disney/ Marvel Comics, he has been forced to pull down all videos about the project and will be unable to upload any future ones from it. In his rebuttal, Joel states that the show was not meant to be a threat to Marvel and was meant to be non-for-profit, and is extremely confused how Marvel views this as a problem as opposed to the erotic and hentai art of their brand that can be easily found sold in plenty of well-known online art galleries.

The video received plenty of responses from Youtubers, some in support of Joel while others seeming to revel in his bad situation, informing him that he “should have known better”, which he admittedly did by confirming the video series was intended to never make a profit and therefore should never have been an issue.

The most important comment came from Larry Houston, who directed 62 episodes of “X-Men: The Animated Series”, as well as working on other nearly every awesome animated show from the ’80’s and ’90’s among a portfolio of modern animation and live-action work. He wrote:

As the Director of the 90s X-Men:TAS TV series, I want to applaud your efforts, Joel, and I respect the passion you put into your work. Unfortunately, the Marvel I worked with and the Marvel/Disney (M/D) you’ve just experienced are not the same company and they are very litigious. A really smart PR department would’ve found a way to work with you so that their interests are protected and the free publicity you’d generate would be a win-win. But M/D really wants the rights to the X-Men back and your high quality of work and publicity is not what they want to happen at this time. M/D has taken very extreme measures to undercut the franchise, rewriting their comic book mythology to replace the word mutant with Inhuman, in a major power play against Fox. You are now, officially, just part of the collateral damage in the ongoing corporate battle of egos.

It is very sad that Joel has had to deal with this and suffered terrible losses here with his time, money, and the soul that he put into his great work. However, Joel has brought more attention to himself in the public eye in a positive way and his video about the situation demonstrates a great deal of class and professionalism. It is disappointing that the series will not come to fruition, but we salute and praise Joel Furtado for his hard work and are positive that this will be the last time we see his videos online in a big way.

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