Zombie Apocalypse Essentials: 5.11 XPRT Tactical Boots

I can hardly believe it’s already 2012, mostly because it feels like just yesterday we were partying like it was 1999. If we are to believe the Mayans had some sort of divine revelation of the future, then the world will end this year. Some fear a Death Star sized asteroid a la Armageddon, while others fear solar flares that only the likes of Quasar could make possible. While I do not doubt the plausibility of either of those scenarios, I submit to you that it is ten times more likely that the human race will be infected by Solanum and turn into brain-eating zombies. Think about it, us humans are just as prone to dropping beakers as we are misplacing our keys. Time is quickly running out and you need to be ready when the $%*& goes down.

One of the most overlooked items when preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse is footwear. Allow me to give you a suggestion: 5.11 Tactical offers plenty of fine gear, most notably their XPRT Tactical Boots made out of USA full-grain leather featuring an antibacterial and moisture wicking lining. They were kind enough to send me a pair to try out. Put it to the test I did; here’s my take on why these are absolute must-haves for anyone who doesn’t want their brains on the menu.

No matter the terrain or weather, the XPRT (Extreme Performance for Rapid Tactics) Tactical 8” boots will keep you comfortable and protect your feet from the elements. I ran through ankle deep snow for 30 minutes straight and not once did my feet know it was the dead of winter in the Midwest. While most boots stop at that, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out that not only do the boots keep your feet warm and dry, they also have a patent-pending Kick-Toe to help you kick in a door (or skulls for that matter) without breaking a few toes in the process and a Talon Stabilizer that offers unparalleled support. Still not enough? Since no place is safe, only safer, you really get a kick out of (no pun intended) the cushioning foam insole that makes feel like they’re walking on the clouds of Heaven when you’re really just surviving another day in Hell.

The Zombie Apocalypse is going to get messy. Stepping on non-survivors on your way to the Hostess truck or delivering a little Sweet Chin Music to an undead neighbor will undoubtedly dirty up your new duds and cover you in infectious blood from the ankle down. No worries, 5.11 made sure these boots were blood pathogen resistant. Hidden dangers may wait at every turn of the corner, but at least your feet are well protected.

Finally, you must know that although rocking these SWAT boots is like wearing a mini armored truck, you certainly won’t be able to tell when you have them on your feet. I slipped my feet into the black boots, used the time saving Cinch system to fasten them, and went for a run. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cross trainer as lightweight as the 5.11 XPRT Tactical boots. When you think of boots, you picture ugly, clunky, dead-weights, capable of replacing the bucket of cement used by most mobsters when they wanted a snitch to sleep with the fishes. When you think of this must have item for surviving a zombie horde, you’ll think of a combination of G.I. Joe and Flash Gordon – Kick ass and really fast – which, ironically enough, is exactly what you need to be on Z Day if you plan on escaping to the safe zone. Pick up a pair in your size here.

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