Zombie Apocalypse Essentials: Guns & Ammo’s Zombie Nation Magazine

In continuation of our commitment to bring you the latest and greatest of Zombie Apocalypse Essentials, NerdNewsToday is totally geeked to share with you the Zombie Nation magazine by Guns & Ammo. We all know the forthcoming apocalypse will bring mass destruction and send us back to the days of writing by candle light and eating only what we kill. No smartphones, no email, no Internet – which is exactly why we’re glad Inter Media Outdoors wised up and printed a  well-packaged guide to essential tools and tactics for living in a real-life  ‘Zombieland.’

Zombie Nation brings detailed reviews of several guns such as the Valkyrie Armament BSR MOD-1 (pictured on the cover) and my personal favorite, the Double Star Zombie X; an AR with a working chainsaw, you know, in case you need to rid yourself of flesh eating house guests. Guns not your thing? No worries, Gerber and Ka Bar knives and attachments are covered in this first of its kind magazine as well.

We all know that getting close to anyone infected is the opposite of smart, and yet it may still be a necessity. How would you react if engaged in close quarter combat? While unarmed? ‘Avoid the Bite: Six tips for going unarmed against the undead’ is sure to be a must read for any prepper.Whoa! I almost forgot – this kick ass magazine also has a guide for how to dress for survival and comes with a free fold out zombie target.

Carry this magazine with you rolled up in your back pocket and you won’t just be toting a few tips & tricks, but entertaining bathroom reading material as well in the form of interviews with movie creatures from the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead” and a closer look at the master of zombie makeup and his amazing work. Info and entertainment, two things you won’t regret having after running for your life for the past 36 hours straight.

There you have it, nerds. Over 125 pages of zombie goodness waiting to be consumed. A fun read that could help you live to see another day. Beautifully freighting high def photos that really help drive the point home. Go grab your copy at newsstands today or online HERE.

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