Zombie Apocalapyse Essentials: Hornady Zombie Max Ammo


Welcome back for another installment of Zombie Apocalypse Essentials. This time we’re looking at ammunition. Not just any old bullets, mind you, but Zombie Max 9mm rounds from Hornady. Before we get started, though, take a quick look at this epic commercial for the aforementioned handgun rounds and get acquainted with this groundbreaking product.

Sure, the commercial looks impressive, but one has to wonder how the Zombie Max compares to your everyday run of the mill round. Not to fret, fellow nerds, I got my hands on these living dead stoppers last week, blew off some steam at the local shooting range, and am here to report to you on all you need to know about this potential lifesaver. So, is it legit or is it just an over-priced gimmick?

From their website:

Hornady is known for making high quality, accurate, dependable ammunition. Zombie Max ammunition is no exception. Each round is loaded with a special, neon green, polymer-tipped Z-Max bullet that delivers devastating expansion and was specifically designed for zombie elimination. You never know when the impending zombie apocalypse will begin, so make sure you’re prepared with extra magazines and bugout bags stuffed full of this effective zombie specific ammunition.

Right off the shelf, the Hornady Zombie Max ammo grabs your attention with the stellar artwork on the box, something altogether too uncommon at your local gun shop. From zombie eyes and blood splatter to zombie silhouettes staggering toward you, the graphics on the box are the work of a standout marketing exec. Open the flap to gain access to the live ammo and you’re greeted with the following statement: Hornady: Certified Zombie Ammunition. Pointless, but nonetheless humorous.

Continue opening the package to reveal twenty-five rounds of brain splattering goodness. The ammo I used was 115 grain, 9mm Luger, Z-Max bullets. I loaded a few magazines and went to town. There was no added recoil from shooting this ammo nor was there any noticeable difference in the mechanical operation of the gun. However, the same cannot be said for the poor targets being shot. Instead of just getting pumped full of lead or spilling its contents from a flesh wound like most ammo, the Zombie Max penetration made a slightly larger hole at the point of impact  on the one target and completely exploded the bottom of a water bottle that just moments prior was full of life saving hydration.

After about thirty minutes of shooting, I feel it safe to say that the specialty ammo is a gimmick that performs well under fire. All rounds did what you would expect them to do, destroy what they hit. When the price is more than twice what you would reasonably pay for double the amount of non-zombie rounds, you may want to consider only buying one box. When the SHTF, it’s not going to matter if you’ve got Z-Max or Tampax, as long as you can sever the brain stem you can live to fight another day. Until then, your one box will be pretty cool to have around, if only for a conversation starter when your friends come over to go over the bugout drill.

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